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 Open office areas, while intending to create collaborative spaces, can often produce a variety of noises and other distractions, making it an ineffective space.

The Acoustic Reflex Collection by Barbican provides a solution by combining high-quality lighting with eco-friendly sound absorptive felt materials and elements, resulting in a multifunctional fixture that addresses productivity barriers.

Available on most fixture types, the Acoustic Reflex Collection offers a selection of standard colors and can be single or double mounted, enabling two-tone options. As an added benefit, the material can be either adhered to the fixture or mounted as a “sleeve”, allowing easy removal.

The Acoustic Reflex Collection offers ultra-high efficiency LED lighting with standard 0-10V dimming on every fixture, so you won’t need to sacrifice optimal lighting in order to control the ambient noise in a space.

In environments where noise can be a productivity barrier or reduce comfort levels, such as offices, boardrooms, reception areas, restaurants, and cafes, the Acoustic Reflex Collection is an excellent option.