Slim High Bay LED


Slim High Bay LED

Delivering Superior Lighting Performance and Reliability for Industrial and Commercial Facilities

 The Slim High Bay is the only LED high bay that works as hard as you do. The modular platform gives you the ability to customize performance, specialized optics, lens options, and integrated controls. The result is a maximized performance value for a minimal cost. Like all XtraLight LED luminaires, it's backed by a 10-year warranty and made in Houston, Texas.

Product Features

  • Low-profile design, only 1.33" - 1.57" high
  • Lightweight aluminum body for easy installation with minimal labor.
  • Lumen packages ranging from 9,000 - 52,500L.
  • Specialized optics, lens options, and occupancy sensors available.
  • "Controls Ready" for any building network controls or automation.

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